Why consider divorce mediation? Because the stress of divorce temporarily decreases a person’s I.Q. by as much as 25% and the result can last until approximately 1 ½ years after the divorce is final. (Source: American Journal of Family Law, Volume 27, Number 4, Winter 2014).
Mediation is far less stressful than divorce litigation. Imagine not having the stress of being adversaries in a courtroom, preparing for court, taking time off from work to attend court, and you get the idea.
In addition to their mediator, parties may choose to use third party neutrals, such as family counselors, who can assist parents in creating parenting plans and dealing with parenting issues. Financial experts and accountants can provided much needed guidance when two parties must live on one income, at least temporarily.
Mediating your divorce doesn’t guarantee that you will won’t lose a few I.Q. points, but it will substantially reduce the stress and expense of litigation.

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